Parsons focuses on downtown


PARSONS, Ks. — Parsons City leaders are working to improve commuter safety in the downtown area.

The city approved an ordinance making it illegal for extra long vehicles to park on main street between 16th St. and Central Ave.

It’s now illegal for any part of the vehicle, it’s load, or equipment to leave less than 20 feet of open space in the main road.

The ordinance does make an exception for loading or unloading less than 5 minutes.

Jim Zaleski, Director Of Economic Development, said, “We’ve approved some very first blush issues. What we want to do with what’s behind me is make it a little bit safer. We have a vibrant downtown, we’re getting more and more businesses in there. We’re getting more and more people after hours, we want to make sure its safe”

There has been a safety concern in the downtown area for years.

The city plans to paint lines on each side of Main Street indicating where vehicles can’t extend beyond.

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