Parson visits the Missouri Welding Institute


Parson toured the Missouri Welding Institute in Nevada. He says facilities like this play a big role in our state’s future.

The Missouri Welding Institute is a privately-owned welding school, offering students training over the course of 18 weeks. Governor Parson says he’s hoping the state legislature will include more funding for facilities like this in next year’s budget, because of the role they’ll play in helping the state develop a solid workforce. Meanwhile, Nevada mayor Brian Leonard says any effort by the state to support the school will only benefit the city as a whole.

“Even though they don’t stay here, if some of them come through here and graduate and move on, or some of the locals stay here and take this course, they’re still learning a trade and going to be a productive member of society,” says Brian Leonard.

“There’s such a job shortage in the trades obviously coming from my standpoint I’m looking at the welding side of things, but you’re looking at shortages of four hundred and five hundred thousand welders in the next several years,” says Brian Hollands, Owner, Missouri Welding Institute.

Parson took the time to speak with the students this morning, telling them he believes they’ll be in high demand throughout the Show Me State over the next few years.

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