Parson tours KCU – Joplin facility


JOPLIN, Mo. — Missouri Governor Mike Parson made a trip to Joplin to tour the KCU – Joplin facility and interact with students.

Governor Mike Parson made an appearance to KCU-Joplin on Tuesday where he toured the facility and talked to students. First year medical student, Trey Osterholt says it was an honor to meet him.

Trey Osterholt – First Year Medical Student, said, “Someone from Missouri, it’s always bizarre to actually see your politician in person. You know you show up on ballot day, you’ve never met them, so it was a very unique experience just having them walk into the room, and it’s just very cool just to show off to the general public for what we’re doing here at KCU.”

Osterholt adds the recognition he and other students got from the governor was even more rewarding.

“It means a lot because KCU, we’re a private institution here. Knowing we have the state of Missouri backing us up, we like to also think we’ve done a good amount for the state, with all the Covid clinics we’ve been holding for the vaccine distribution, so seeing that he is appreciating that really means a lot to us.”

While Osterholt had appreciation for the governor, Governor Parson admires how people from across the country are coming to Joplin to learn.

Governor Mike Parson, said, “When you look at how many people from across the United States are here in Joplin at this University, it says a lot for what what this training facility is going to be, and what the education is.”

And people from the East to the West Coast are making their way to the heart of the county.

“We’re right square in the middle of the United States, and I think that’s one of the big keys to us being in Missouri what we have for people.”

Governor Parson adds that Missouri needs to do a better job at getting more health care workers into the work force and KCU – Joplin is doing just that.

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