Parents of Galena School District students voice concerns about bullying at school being addressed improperly


GALENA, Kans. — There are concerns by some parents in Galena involving bullying at school.

A Galena parent tells me this is a problem and she wants to see changes. She is asking the district to consider bullying programs and more cameras in the schools.

“Our main concern is with the bullying within the school district is that its not being addressed properly. That there is no consistent and measurable discipline actions that its very arbitrary,” said Kasey Caves, Concerned Galena Parent.

Kasey Caves and 20 middle school parents in the Galena School District are concerned about bullying.

“What we are dealing with is a grotesque version of bullying. Where kids are being threatened with real assault and they watch it happen. These children won’t speak up because, why bother — they will just be attacked the next day. Without adequate discipline, none of this is being curtailed, so it just escalates,” said Caves.

Caves pulled her middle school son out of Galena earlier this month after she felt he was bullied.

“My son in the grand scheme of things dealt with smaller bullying incidences than a lot of parents have dealt with. But it got to the point that my son was so sad. That I’ve never seen him like that, where I was truly concerned for his emotional well being,” said Caves.

She wants the school board to consider an anti-bullying program called Challenge Day.

“We want the school board to aggressively approach bullying in the school district. We need eyes opened and we need people to understand how pervasive how prevalent this truly is,” said Caves.

The superintendent says all alleged instances of bullying are reviewed on a case by case basis.

“We have a discipline grid that we go through. Certainly any situation that we have is investigated and dealt with according to the policies,” said Dr. Trey Moeller, Galena Superintendent.

Moeller also says all teachers and staff are trained to respond to bullying.

“If parents are concerned their students are being bullied absolutely contact the building principal or a teacher. We believe that creating or developing the safest environment for our students can be achieved when parents and school personnel work together in a positive fashion,” said Dr. Moeller.

Caves and other concerned parents will be meeting with the superintendent and appropriate personnel tomorrow night. She plans on discussing initiatives and ideas with the district.

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