JOPLIN, Mo. — Nothing can be more tragic for parents than the loss of a young child.

But out of that grief, one couple decided to help other kids.

Cash Moore was in first grade when he passed away from an ATV accident in March of 2018.

Days after his passing, his parents started thinking about what they could do to honor his life.

After announcing their intentions on social media to eventually start a foundation, the boy’s father, Bailey, says the money started rolling in from everywhere.

Bailey Moore, Cash’s Father, said, “You know we had a manilla envelope full of checks, I don’t know how many checks were in it but it was completely full of checks and we hadn’t even set up the Foundation yet, I mean friends from Florida, Texas I mean from all over the world are sending us money you know to help it.”

Tia Moore, Cash’s Mom, said, “Last year we gave out over $70,000 in help, we did the Children’s Center, Care To Learn, Family Services, anything that goes to help kids that are in a great need um whether it be medical, clothing, food, anything like that.”

Moore’s family has owned the Joplin Regional Stockyard even back when it was located in Joplin.

His parents say Cash loved coming to work with his family and in his short life had an impact on the lives of hundreds of people from all over the country.

That relationship is now helping hundreds of four state kids in need through various organizations like bright futures.

“We did Neosho, Carthage, Diamond, Monett I think, we did five different ones I think, and we provided shoes for kids in need, Cash loved shoes so that was really important to me to help with kids that needed shoes to wear.”

Until they started the foundation, the couple say they had no idea how many area kids are affected by poverty.

“He was a giver, he liked to help people, we was really ornery but he had a huge heart he liked to give and if he had something he didn’t mind sharing it with anyone so I think he would really like what we’re doing.”

If you’d like to donate money or know of a children’s cause or charity that needs financial help, we’ve put a link to the Cash Moore Foundation below.