PINEVILLE, Mo. — An organization in McDonald County is helping families.

“McDonald County Parents as Teachers” helps families identify developmental delays and corrects them.

“There’s Play-Doh which of course is great fine motor for squeezing and pushing and pulling and making cookies with playdough. Your talking about colors and mixing colors,” said Dalana Fuller, McDonald County Parent Educator.

Tuesday night “Parents as Teachers” held its holiday family fun night at the Pineville Community Center.

“It gives us a chance for us to watch other children and parents with the children, but it also gives us a chance to see the kids and how they interact. And we are always looking for a delay or help a child become better at what they are doing and the parents also,” said Fuller.

Parents as Teachers is a free program that helps diagnose and correct developmental issues in children.

“It’s a home based program. So we go into the home and we play games with them, but we also give them developmental information. We talk about milestones, we do screenings for hearing and vision we do screenings for development so you can be on top of where your child is. Because unless you go to the doctor a lot of people don’t know what’s expected of their child at a certain age,” said Fuller.

The program helps 60 families a year.

“One of my daughters we found out she had a speech delay. It got to the point where you could hardly understand what she was saying when she was younger. And then we started to notice that certain letters weren’t forming correctly so that’s why we decided to get the help,” said Cassandra Scott, used P.A.T.

It took less than eight months of intervention at school to fix the problem.

“She is doing amazing in school. She is in fourth grade now. and she has excelled tremendously,” said Scott.

Tonight kids were given a free book and information on the programs offered in McDonald County.

To make an appointment with parents as teachers call McDonald County Central Office at (417) 845-3321.