Ozarks Homesteading Expo summons vendors from all over the US


“I am thrilled that there are this many people that are just interested in this.,” explained organizer Cheryl Franklin. “This is what I love to do soI am so happy that people want to learn how to be sustainable.”

Franklin is the organizer of the first homesteading expo in Neosho.

She invited homesteaders from all over the country to teach people how to learn new craft work skills and become more self-sufficient.

“We go shopping of what we call ‘God’s Hardware Store’ where we just go out in the woods and find a pretty tree or pretty rock, use those to build a house, and we use mud to build houses with us,” said vendor Chris “Uncle Mud” McClellan.

McClellan taught people how to sculpt sandy clay soil into a pizza oven or a rocket mass heater.

“When you learn to make due, you can make and produce yourself, or trade with others, you find a tighter community and you find out more of what you can and cannot do,” McClellan added.

In addition to learning new skills, people were able to shop for handmade items like wool and Kombucha.

“I’m interested in the Kombucha,” explained Granby resident Candy Siler. “I’m interested in the healing stuff and the woodworking.”

“This goes to show you that people are really interested to learn these skills and give back to sometimes a simpler life,” Franklin added.

The expo will be open Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm at the Newton County Fairgrounds.

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