Over 20 years with National Park Service lets Fort Scott Park Ranger experience America’s beauty


From California, to Virginia and now in Fort Scott, one Park Ranger says his time with the National Park Service has been a memorable one.

Carl Brenner has worked in the National Park Service since 1996. In that time, his job has taken him across the country to historic and scenic locations like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park.

“It’s been a wonderful journey through Shenandoah, the Grand Canyon, the Pinnacles out in California, some details up in Golden Gate, and out at Yosemite. Eventually down to Lake Merideth and Alibates Flint Quarries in Texas. And now, here to Ft. Scott, Kansas,” Brenner explained.

Now at the Fort Scott National Historic Site, Brenner says he’s excited to share the history of a city that is a part of the fabric of America.

“Fort Scott, we are the story of the nation growing up, we’re the story of America,” Brenner continued. “As the nation was growing, it had growing pains — all those happened right here.”

And some of those occurences include Manifest Destiny and the fight for freedom. He adds while each national park commemorates a different moment in history, there is always a lesson he can share from one location at another.

“Every park, all 419 of them, has a special story to tell. The park service is a story of America. The people we are, the things we’ve done good and bad. And they all have special stories to share and that’s the funnest part about being a Park Ranger is getting to share those stories with people,” said Brenner.

And Brenner’s favorite exhibit on the site? The Quarter Master Storehouse, which dates back to 1842. It functioned as storage for the troops and anything that made it on the grounds went through the storehouse first.

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