Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office works to tackle budget and personnel concerns


OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. – The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office is working to tackle concerns regarding its budget and personnel.

Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd says historically they have been understaffed. This often times is a result of budget issues in Ottawa County. Most recently he made a request for additional deputies, but the full amount requested was not fulfilled due to lack of funding available in the county. Floyd says there has been controversy concerning the amount of funds the office has spent recently. But says things are starting to turn around.

“Looking at the actual final numbers I don’t see as far as being overage because if you look at the total budget as a whole we are only allocated 90 percent of the total budget anyway so there is a 10 percent buffer there that will help us keep from overspending.”

Jeremy Floyd, Ottawa County Sheriff

Floyd is looking at other resources to help with budgeting concerns in the office. This includes grants.

The sheriff’s office also recently started a Community Sentencing Program in the county. So, instead of sending people to prison in the state, they house prisoners in the county jail. Additional funding is provided by the DOC.

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