Oronogo leaders work to impeach city’s mayor


Right now, the city doesn’t have a policy that would allow them to remove Jonathon Hart from office. That’s under consideration due to an investigation last fall that discovered three incidents. An attorney for Oronogo said that didn’t warrant criminal charges, but suggested Hart was unfit to be mayor.

Under the proposal discussed Thursday night, an official must be served with a complaint 10 days before an impeachment hearing could proceed.

“It really is important for the citizens to know that there’s a full hearing– that it’s a fair hearing that it’s open to the public,” explained Oronogo Special Attorney Jared Thomas.

The process would apply to removing either the mayor or one of the aldermen from office. It would require a two-thirds majority for impeachment.

If the impeachment of the mayor does go through, he has a right to appeal this decision.

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