Organization works to make sure all kids learn to ride bikes


JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin businessman will be spreading the message about the benefits of traveling on two wheels nationwide.

John Hunter of Progressive Bike Ramps will serve as an ambassador for the All Kids Bike Project.

The goal is to make sure every student in the country learns to ride as part of Kindergarten P.E.

Hunter says the number of kids biking is dropping.

He hopes by reversing the trend, children will also encourage others to join in.

John Hunter, All Kids Bike, said, “If a kindergartner learns to ride a bike in PE, then they’re going to go home. And they’re going to be pressuring their mom, their older sibling, parents, you know hey, this is a fun that I enjoy doing now and I want to do.”

The project is currently active in 157 schools, including Joplin’s 11 elementary schools.

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