Options for online education continue to grow for Webb City students


“I don’t ever want to see a teacher replaced by the online version,” explained Webb City Superintendent Dr. Tony Rossetti.

However, Rossetti also sees opportunity.

“With technology, there are some really great things and with technology, there are some things we need to move through on a slower pace,” Rossetti added.

More Webb City students are signing up for courses online, part of a growth trend connected to the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program established earlier this year.

“Students are offered the ability to either take part time classes online or full time online,” Rossetti continued.

…At no cost to the student.That means they can now take classes online that aren’t currently offered on campus.

“Mandarin Chinese – we don’t have a Mandarin Chinese teacher but we can take that online,” said Rossetti.

Others are signing up for one or two virtual classes to reduce time spent on campus.

And, it’s not limited to high school

“We’re developing strategies and courses for elementary, middle school, and high school,” Rossetti added.

Rossetti adds virtual classes come with a unique set of pros and cons – something they’re still figuring out.

“It’s testing the limits of what we currently think school is getting more fluid.”

There are still rules to follow – both for students and schools districts. To learn more, click here.

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