Operation: Fairy Godmother could soon come to an end


A program that tries to help students in the area get ready for prom season could soon come to an end.

For fifteen years, Operation: Fairy Godmother has provided apparel to students at very low cost. It started with a small selection of donated formal wear and grew to thousands of articles of clothing that are now stored at Duenweg Elementary School.

“And kids when we were getting to prom season ‘are you going to prom?’ ‘No.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Can’t afford the dress, can’t afford the tux.’ And so it came out of that,” says Debbie Leatherman.

An effort to supply the clothes needed for prom…all at a price that was very affordable.

“The girls were thirty five dollars and that included the dress, the shoes, make up if we had it,” says Leatherman.

However now Debbie Leatherman, the program’s director, is stepping down after this season as she gets closer to retirement.

“Comes to a time in my life where, my family, my grand kids, and what I do with them…becomes, ya know, maybe a higher priority,” says Leatherman.

Lack of space to allow kids to shop and Leatherman’s absence could mean that it could come to an end after this prom season.

“If no one takes the reigns were going to have to liquidate everything,” says Debbie Leatherman.

She hopes it doesn’t come to that and that the magic can continue. Leatherman says that this program has had a very big impact on kids over the years and she has enjoyed seeing them become empowered by their prom attire.

“These are young people that may have never worn formal wear, never worn a suit, let alone a tux and that is the best part of the whole deal,” says Leatherman.

On March 2nd the program will be having its only sale of the season at Duenweg Elementary School. Leatherman says they are still looking for someone to take over Operation: Fairy Godmother. If someone is interested in finding out more about the director position, visit their Facebook page.

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