Online Enrollment One of Several Big Changes for the Galena School District


Enrollment for next school year will now all be done online. The district made the decision in an effort for parents to sign their children up for school with ease. In previous years, enrollment periods would often cause parents to have to take off work. And early next month, the school board will look into creating a new policy to accomodate their out-of-state students. The Kansas Department of Education now only funds 75% of the expenses from an out-of-state student. The school is working to create a policy that will keep their students at Galena without charging them with out-of-state tuition.

“We’re kind of unique here on the state line. Most of the schools in Kansas don’t have out-of-state students taht attend. But it will be, we look for it to affect our enrollment in a negative way in the future, if families have to start paying tuition to come to our school,” says Toby VanCleave, Principal of Galena High School.

If the school district were to implement an out-of-state policy, students could be paying more than $1,000 a year to attend Galena schools.

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