One organization is helping others by hosting a friendly competition


CHEROKEE COUNTY — A number of food pantries in Cherokee County are struggling to keep their shelves stocked, so a local organization is hoping a friendly competition will make a difference.

From May 4 to 15, the Cherokee County K-State Research and Extension Office along with community partners are coming together to host a food fight.

It’s a competition to see which town in Cherokee County can stock the shelves of their local food pantry the most.

There are drop off sites in Baxter Springs, Galena, Columbus, Riverton, and Weir.

All food donated will go to the pantry in each individual community.

The winning community will win a trophy, and of course, bragging rights!

Christina Holmes, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, says, “One local food pantry, all they had was vegetables to distribute to families. Another one we contacted typically has about 60 families come through a week. This past week, they had 92 families come through. So, we know a lot of people in Cherokee County [that] are struggling. Personally, my thought is, people are under a lot of stress right now. They may have lost their jobs, they’re not sure how to pay their bills, they’re trying to teach their kids from home, and they shouldn’t stress about trying [to get] food on their table for their kids.”

The Farmers Co-Op in Cherokee County is also getting in on the fun.

If all five communities can work together and raise 2,000 pounds of food, they will donate an additional 2,000 pounds.

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