One of the first local school districts to get propane buses is seeing the benefits after 5 years


On the outside these two buses don’t look any different… But one of them is saving the Neosho School District thousands of dollars and helping to alleviate pollution in the town. 

Neosho Transportation Director Michelle Embrey says, “They don’t have the particulates, because propane is a clean burning fuel.”

Five years ago, Neosho schools got its first fleet of 18 propane school buses. Since then, the buses have been a success keeping kids and the envrionment safe. 

“The way that we have pick our students up- the majority of our students- a lot of our buses park nose to tail, and so especially in that colder weather to try and keep students comfortable on the bus and you have to keep the bus idling those diesel fumes are pulled from one bus directly into the bus behind there. So, those students are getting those smells and those particulates all the time,” says Embrey.

The propane buses also cut down on noise as they go on the different neighborhood routes. 

“They run so much quiter that the noise pollution that goes out in the community as we run all of our diesel buses you don’t hear that on the propane buses,” says Embrey.

And the school district is saving money with cheaper fuel costs and with alternative energy tax credits.

“We averaged what our average diesel was about 4 years prior to that. It came to about $3.06 a gallon. With our propane and that first year that we put it in place, we contracted for the year a price of $1.69 a gallon,” says Embrey. 

Transportation Director Michelle Embrey says school officials are looking at adding more propane buses to the fleet in the near future.

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