One Missouri city is working to fix potholes in the area


GOODMAN, Mo. — One Missouri city is working to fix potholes in the area.

Last week, Goodman City Councilor, Clay Sexson approached city council regarding the condition of roadways within the city.

Councilman Sexson suggested the city pick out the ten worst streets in town and have them repaired.

The city council is waiting on a sewer line grant, which will give them a better idea on how much asphalt they need for the remainder of the roads.

J.R. Fisher, Goodman Mayor: “I’m looking forward to continue moving forward with the new people and cause we got plenty of projects here so we need some self motivated people jumping in getting things taken care of not just the roads but other things as well.”

He says the large amount of potholes are causing damage to vehicles.

The city is hoping to repair, School Street, Witmore, Garner, and Stites.

On Tuesday, city council, will hold a meeting will focus on costs and concrete they will need for this project.

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