One Million Cups Joplin holds first meeting


JOPLIN, Mo. — In many cases, one has to hire a consultant in order to get good business advice about running or starting one’s own company. But now – once a week in Joplin – folks can get most of that information for free.

The gathering area inside the Advanced Training and Technology Center in Joplin was a lot more crowded than usual. The reason, the first ever meeting of the Joplin Chapter of One Million Cups.

Lowell Lane, One Million Cups Co-Organizer, said, “Fantastic program, you see all kinds of businesses, there are weeks when there are up to two hundred people there, but what’s neat is the audience can be bankers, it can be investment people, it can be marketing people, whatever, and that’s where the beauty of it is, we invite everybody to come and there’s a piece for everybody to play a role in.”

Lowell Lane had been involved with the Springfield One Million Cups chapter and helped bring it to Joplin.

“Our presenters every week are five years in business or less that come and give a sales pitch, they give a this is what I do, this is what my issues are, here’s what I need help with.”

Fallon Anawalt started her own marketing business not long ago and was honored to be the very first presenter, at the very first meeting of One Million Cups.

Fallon Anawalt, President, Athena Marketing & Advertising, said, “I am always looking for ways to that work with other entrepreneurs and gain experience from people who maybe have a little bit more experience than me running and operating businesses and so I was really excited and eager for the opportunity to speak at One Million Cups and also to tell people about the business and what we do.”

The program, which allows attendees who already have their own business, or are thinking about starting one the chance to learn what to do and not to do from others who’ve been there and done that.

“It always helps to talk to somebody with experience and this is an awesome way like ‘Hey, I need help with this, who here can help me? Who here knows more than me?’ and I think that’s a great thing and a great way to learn.”

There are now over a 160 U.S. Cities that have a One Million Cups chapter. It was scheduled to start at the Joplin library about a year ago when the pandemic hit the Four State Area. The weekly program will move from the ATTC to the library by this Fall. The program was started in Kansas City in 2012, and was developed by the Kaufman Foundation.

The free program will take place at the ATTC each Wednesday and starts with coffee and connections from 8:30 to nine, with presentations and questions and answers from 9 to 10 a.m.

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