Oldest cemetery in Joplin open for historic tours


JOPLIN, Mo. — The oldest cemetery in Joplin is open for historic tours.

The tour will be focusing on the beginning of Peace Church as well as the history of the cemetery, pioneer and local history, veterans of wars from the Civil War to Korea, battle of Carthage, and family that died in the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Peace Church recommends wearing comfortable shoes and wear a light jacket.

Jim Beeler, Chairman of Peace Church Cemetery, said, “A lot of people are interested in history and this cemetery was so overgrown for so many years that nobody could actually get in here and now we have it at 95% open we’re anxious to share what little bit of history we do know and some of the families that are here and being able to get information on with the people that are interested in that history and the area around here.”

If you are interested in the tour tickets will be $12 per person and will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday only.

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