Oklahoma turnpike drivers using cash will soon pay more



Oklahomans using cash to travel turnpike tolls will soon see a cost increase.

78 percent of turnpike users have a Pike Pass, so the majority of people will not be affected.

This toll raise of 2.5 percent will begin July 15th. It is the third part of a three phase increase the Turnpike Authority has been implementing since 2015. The funds collected will pay for Oklahoma’s expansion project Driving Forward program. Several of the projects have already started.

“We expanded from four lanes to six lanes on the Turner Turnpike between Bristow and the Tulsa area up in Northeast Oklahoma. We have a couple in Oklahoma City that will help relieve traffic. These are really reliever routes that will help traffic move.”

Jack Damrill, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

Damrill adds the Turnpike Authority doesn’t expect any increases in fees for several more years.

For an updated list on toll prices, go to tollguru.com/toll-info/oklahoma/turnpike-toll-rates

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