Oklahoma statewide program looks to develop career-ready students


Oklahoma schools are making sure their students are career ready in an effort to fill certain jobs in the state.

State educational leaders have launched ICAP, also known as “Individual Career Academic Plan.”

The program has been in the state for the past several years but now, districts statewide have begun using it.

Quapaw School District just launched ICAP with their middle and high school students.

They will start with specialized career fairs and promoting STEM education in the classroom .

“Today, we have so many jobs that are being created in Oklahoma here in the Four State Area that don’t require a college degree,” explained superintendent David Carriger. “You need a technical degree–just a couple years of college, couple years of training and this is a good way to show students their is a vast majority of options out there.”

Carriger adds hopefully the addition of ICAP can help fill positions that many employers are looking for in Oklahoma.

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