Oklahoma State Question 805 to be placed on November ballot


OKLAHOMA — The Oklahoma Supreme Court says State Question 805 has gotten enough signatures to be placed on the November ballot.

The Yes On 805 campaign got nearly 250,000 signatures.

State Question 805 is a criminal justice reform measure that would limit or end the use of sentence enhancements for non-violent crimes.

If approved by voters on November 3rd, it would not allow judges or juries to consider past convictions during sentencing for non-violent offenses.

Advocates say the question will reduce Oklahoma’s prison population and save taxpayers upwards of $190-million.

Sonya Pyles, Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, said, “These penalties add years to prison sentences for non-violent offenses and if that person has ever been convicted of a non violent crime or charge in the past, it often results in excessive sentencing. Which adds to Oklahoma’s mass incarceration crisis, which is wasting millions of dollars of tax money that could be better spent on resources addressing all these issues.”

Some have criticized the measure since it would apply only to offenses classified as nonviolent as of January 1st of this year.

Governor Kevin Stitt has until August 24th to announce that the question has been placed on the November 3rd ballot.

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