Oklahoma state bill sets better regulations for medical marijuana industry


MIAMI, Okla. —

A new ordinance is put in place in the City of Miami to better regulate the marijuana industry.

Miami’s city council approved the ordinance Tuesday night. They were able to do this after a statewide bill was signed at the end of session to address zoning issues.

It authorizes cities to zone medical marijuana business and creates rules and regulations to follow. Before that, some cities started coming up with their own rules and regulations without state approval. That caused controversy and some marijuana businesses in the state actually sued some city governments. Now that legislation has been put in place, the City of Miami acted quickly.

“Didn’t want a business that was going to create a huge odor problem in the middle of Downtown Miami. We didn’t want a business that could explode and destroy 4 blocks in Downtown Miami so we regulated those to the heavy industrial areas.”

State Rep. Ben Loring, Oklahoma District 7

Another ordinance signed allows those who have a marijuana license to grow their own plants. But it can’t be accessible to the public and not be visible from the streets.

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