Oklahoma schools to be evaluated on new scale


Schools in Oklahoma will now be evaluated on a new scale after the release of new report cards.

Creating the new system for public schools has been a goal in the Oklahoma Education Department for the past 2 years. Many educators say they didn’t like the old system because it didn’t give a full review of schools. The new system looks at things like absences, student growth, and graduation rates.

“I’m really happy the state is looking at different indicators finally, some states have just looked at success of maybe on specific assessment but that doesn’t show the entire student what they can do in the classroom what they are as a student their success rate,” says David Carriger, superintendent of Quapaw School District.

Carriger hopes in the future the Education Department may consider adding 10 to 12 measures in addition to the 4 measures assessed currently. He suggests schools looking at emotional growth as well as populations in and out of schools.

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