Oklahoma pro-education movement continues to gain momentum


The pro-education movement is continuing to gain momentum amongst teachers in the state of Oklahoma.

The movement originated on behalf of education launching teacher walkouts and now they are spreading their message through politics. 

“In recent years lots of teachers had not been voting they hadn’t been focusing a lot on who we were voting in offices,” says Amy Fritchey, President of the Wyandotte Education Association.

But that has now changed. This was showcased in the Oklahoma primary runoff that was held on Tuesday which involved educators targeting legislators who have not advocated on their behalf.

“So the teachers have really just stood together we’ve decided that we have to research who we are voting for..that we have to make sure that we are voting people who just don’t say they stand for education..but who truly are voting for education,” says Fritchey.

There were 19 House Republicans who did not vote in favor of tax increases in Oklahoma to help fund teacher pay raises. Of those, 8 either lost the primary or runoff primaries, including 6 that just lost on Tuesday.

“Talking about who’s running who we can vote for talking about people who have already been in office things they have voted on that we agreed with or didn’t agree with,” says Fritchey.

For many Oklahoma educators this has showcased the power they hold in the political world.

“We need advocates..education is the foundation that actually makes all other careers and measures life success even happen so it’s important that we unify together,” says Vonda Dillon, instructional coach at Wyandotte Public Schools.

Fritchey adds educators will continue to vote in individuals who will make a difference in schools for their students. The next big vote in Oklahoma will be held in the November for the general elections.

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