Oklahoma looking to strengthen seat belt laws


OKLAHOMA — An Oklahoma legislator files legislation to improve seat belt safety laws to protect kids.

The bill focuses on kids 8-17 years old.

It would require them to buckle up.

In 2016, lawmakers decided to strengthen child restraints laws primarily focusing on infants to 7 year-old kids.

But that left out other ages–a complete accident.

Since then lawmakers have been trying to change that–something State Representative Ross Ford of the 76th District hopes to do.

State Representative Ross Ford, District 76, said, “We’re the only state in the United States now that doesn’t protect the group why is a 8 year olds life less important than a 7 year-old life. This affects every family no matter how old we are.”

Since his announcement earlier this week, there have been 32 groups and organizations back him up.

This includes the Oklahoma’s Sheriffs Association and Chiefs of Police.

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