Oklahoma lawmakers share session progress with residents


The 2019 Oklahoma Legislative session is coming to a close, prompting an Eggs and Issues to be held. It’s an opportunity for Oklahoma lawmakers to share with local residents, the progress that’s made in session, and what still needs be achieved. 

Senator Wayne Shaw has been working on a bill to make rapid DNA tests available, so the entire state can use it. Currently, only Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and OSBI have access to it. He says those who have been incarcerated, can disappear without a DNA test being performed, although they may be wanted for another crime, so he is hoping to prevent this. Criminal justice reform as well as regulating medical marijuana were other topics addressed, as the state works to outline the legalization of it. 

“The most important for the safety of our citizens. We now have some testing standards. We have labeling standards, so that people when they buy a product they know what they are buying and they know it’s not going to kill them,” says Ben Loring, OK State Representative, District 7.

“There is a population in prison we can look at and look at hey we are paying over $20,000 a year per inmate in our prisons in oklahoma things that are very important that we are going back to the drug courts,” says Josh West, State Representative, District 5. 

Legislators say the budget is the biggest agenda they are currently working on to close out session. It’s created a stalemate between the house and senate leadership and the governor. The groups are trying to work on that and get a budget passed. 

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