Oklahoma has passed Senate Bill 1081 — the country’s first anti-red flag gun law


OKLAHOMA — There’s a new law on the books in Oklahoma — the first of its kind in the country.

Harlan Moore, Delaware County Sheriff, said, “It’s one of a kind, I think we’re the only state in the nation that actually has an anti-red flag law.

Oklahoma has passed Senate Bill 1081 — the country’s first anti-red flag gun law.

“Some states have gone to the extreme in our opinion where all it takes is a third parties statement that hey that guy’s crazy you need to take his gun and next thing you know without any court saying otherwise, they go out and take the guns.

It prevents counties or cities in the sooner state from allowing law enforcement to temporarily confiscate a person’s firearm if that person is considered a danger to themselves or others.

“We don’t want to do that. We already have a very good protective order law in effect in Oklahoma and sometimes the courts do order us to take guns from an individual especially when a gun was mentioned or a gun was used in a domestic type situation.”

Supporters of red flag gun laws say they could help prevent violence and mass shootings.

Cacky Poarch, said, “There’s really very little regulation on firearms which is really why we could use red flag laws in this state because when you’re in a mental health crisis or there is domestic violence,a red flag law would prevent those situations from becoming fatal.”

But, opponents argue they’re an infringement on gun owners’ constitutional rights.

Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, said, “We are always concerned that people are so willing to just simply give away constitutional rights. I mean why don’t people vote and support to take away a woman’s right to vote, which happened 100 years ago, why don’t they vote to take away the 4th amendment just so police can go through your house, your car without your permission just to make sure you’re not committing a crime. This is why we have these rights and why it’s important that they be protected.”

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