Oklahoma Governor announces proposed criminal justice reform


Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has announced his criminal justice reform proposals.

Stitt is supporting legislation that would give those convicted for a nonviolent offense an occupational job license. 

Only if it is not associated with the crime that put them in jail. 

He also wants to fund 10-million dollars to work with those that suffer from mental illnesses. 
Oklahoma State Representative Ben Loring, is in full support of this, saying only one of three people in Oklahoma in need of treatment are given it. 

“Now the treatment they get is pretty darn good. We are getting the bang for our buck in Oklahoma than most other states are. But it’s the other 2 of those 3 that are not getting any of treatment that end up going to prison.”said Oklahoma State Representative, Ben Loring

Stitt is also in favor of legislation releasing individuals accused of certain drug related crimes. 
This would coincide with new legislation that is currently in use that now views the crimes as a misdemeanor. 

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