Oklahoma Firefighter Pension Plan


NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA — Oklahoma’s District 7 Representative Ben Loring is getting ready for the 2020 legislative session.

Loring is pushing for a bill that would allow tribal firefighters to join the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension Plan.

Non-tribal entities are eligible for this in the state.

Loring believes tribal firefighters should have the same privileges no matter who they work for.

Quapaw Nation’s Fire Department has the highest ISO rating in the area, meaning cost of property insurance for its residents is lower than anyone else.

Ultimately this is helpful to area communities who benefit through the mutual aid agreement established.

Ben Loring, OK. State Representative District 7 said, “Having a possibility in retirement makes a difference in recruiting for the fire departments the tribal fire departments as well as retention. They don’t just get somebody that’s well trained and then moves to another job where they can have a retirement.”

Loring adds in the 2019 session, the bill passed through the house and is now in the senate.

Since the bill is at a standstill, he is hoping it can move forward.

Long term he also is advocating a similar bill be passed to help tribal police have a pension plan as well.

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