Oklahoma celebrates tourism


OKLAHOMA — National travel and tourism week is also being celebrated in Oklahoma. And Miami has something to say about it.

Amanda Markey Park Naturalist at Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park, said, “Well Oklahoma is OK of course. That was always the logo or slogan when I was a kid was Oklahoma is okay. So I just really. I’ve grown up here born and raised in Northeast Oklahoma and Oklahoma is home.”

Amanda Markey is a Park Naturalist at Bernice Area at Grand Lake State Park. She is educating tourists at the Miami Travel Information Center for Travel OK Days”

“So as they walk into the building those that are interested will come over and I will educate them on every artifact that we have over here that they are interested in as general questions. We are also passing out our Oklahoa State Park passport program which is a travel and health initiative to get people out into our parks exploring.”

Markey even brought a friend.

“I have Opel the opossum she is with us at the Bernice Nature Center as a non releasable rehilibiatated animal because she is a genetic mutation and has a decrease in color pigmentation which leaves her lucidistic.”

The event gives tourists an opportunity to plan their next Oklahoma adventure.

“Tourism is the number 3 economic driver for the state so we have it brings in about $9.7 billion a year in visitor spending. It’s-it’s enduring it’s not as effective by oil and gas or agriculture are. There are so many great things to see and do.”

Representatives from different businesses were on hand to answer any questions tourists had.

“So we have the Coleman Theater here with us and the city of Claremore and then we have the travel ok we’re trip planners so our team.”

It’s all in a effort to show what the sooner state has to offer.

Jennifer Mullins Director of Travel and Promotion, “Well I think that makes Oklahoma so special and I’ve lived in 8 states. Throughout the U.S. is our people. Is our people. And we are touted as the friendliest and I think we really try to live up to that.”

Travel OK days continues Saturday. The event also features live music and food trucks.

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