Oklahoma casinos see big change in gaming


Casinos in Oklahoma are now seeing a big change in gaming.

This past Monday amendments were implemented within Oklahoma gaming rules. Which will now permit casinos to offer ball and dice games, like craps and roulette.

Since the  launch of the new Oklahoma gaming rules began, only limited casinos statewide are offering games like roulette and craps…including the Cherokee Tribe casinos.

“So the players that would traditionally travel outside of the state to play roulette and craps with the fiscal roulette wheels and dice can now stay in Oklahoma and game and enjoy those entertainment experiences,” says Mickey Ward, Senior Director of Corporate Gaming Operations.

Prior to the changes, these games could only be played through card games. Cherokee Casino Representative Mickey Ward says these new changes put Oklahoma on a level playing field to compete with other commercial gaming markets.

“We are very excited we put a lot of work and effort into getting this implemented when we went live. We did about a 12 week training program. We bought in approximately 50 dealers and trained anywhere from 50 to 250 hours to learn these new games,” says Ward.

Which he says allows Oklahoma to keep gaming dollars in state which can in turn benefit fields, such as education. Oklahoma State Representative Ben Loring says this will be beneficial for the state which is projected to bring in about $20 million dollars a year.

“And that would be in addition to the $110 million a year is what we are getting from the other gaming activities statewide,” says Loring.

Ward adds the ball and dice gaming is currently only offered at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, Cherokee Casino and Hotel in West Siloam Springs and Cherokee Casino and Hotel Roland. They have plans to soon expand to electronic versions of the games at all 7 facilities they operate.

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