Oklahoma boy battles rare disease, family works to raise awareness


The mother of a boy battling a rare disease is working to make sure parents know what to look for in their children.

May 15th is known as MPS Day. MPS, or Mucopolysaccaridoses is an incurable disease. The genetic complication means a persons body doesn’t break down sugar molecules. This causes cells to build up on soft tissues, damaging a person’s ligaments and joints. That can lead to organ damage. 

Peyton Dushane was diagnosed with MP1 at the age of four. His family is working to make sure parents keep an eye on their children just in case.

“We try to make his life as normal as possible. But their is still things are harder for him to do that he used to be able to do. It’s hard for him to write, walk long distances, sit in class,” says Mary Dushane, Peyton’s mother.

Dushane says she hopes parents monitor their child in their developmental stages when MPS is most often found. Oklahoma is trying to get MPS as one of the required screenings for disorders in newborns. 

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