Oklahoma bill will impact Free Speech Zones on college campuses


Senate Bill 361 signed Monday by Governor Kevin Stitt will impact Free Speech Zones on college campuses and universities in Oklahoma. 

This includes students being permitted to make protests or demonstrations on school grounds, which expands upon the rights already delegated. 

“I think it’s important because as young college students. We are kind of like the future, I think it’s important we get our voices heard and we want to be able to speak on what we believe in.” said Tyler Large, NEO A&M Student  

Many states across the country have been creating stricter laws, so students aren’t restricted to just one area to perform freedom of speech. 

“Being around especially from Oklahoma especially alot of conservatism.When people try to speak their minds the older generation try to hush it because they don’t like change.” said Tyler Large, NEO A&M Student 

So, now the new bill applies to free speech being allowed at all outdoor areas on campuses.

Which is looked at positively by many, including officials on the campus of NEO A&M. 

“I think that free speech is important and that a college campus is a place where that has to happen because students are exposed to many different opinions and things like that.We are committed as an institution to supporting that first amendment right of free speech.” said Amy Ishmael, NEO A&M VP Student Affairs & Enrollment Management 

Now with the signage of the bill, college campuses in Oklahoma can express free speech as long as individuals are not breaking the law or disrupting the function of a college. 

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