Oklahoma Army base memo warns of potential nation wide theater threat

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FORT SILL, Okla. – A document circulating on social media about a potential mass shooting has caused major confusion about whether or not the threat is real.

After speaking with several sources, it was confirmed from Christopher Grey, Chief of Public Affairs for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, that the threat is real. However, some information within the document floating around is incorrect.

The document stated that the Fort Sill CID Office received an intelligence bulletin about a potential mass shooting to occur at a movie theater at an unknown location on October 4th, during the release of the movie “Joker.” The document stated that the information came from the Travis County, Texas Sheriff’s Office.

The Travis County (TX) Sheriff’s Office public information officer told us the portion stating, “the intelligence bulletin was published by Travis County, TX Sheriff’s Office,” is untrue and that they did not report this information.

“In the memorandum that we put out, Army CID made a mistake in that memorandum. It wasn’t the Travis County Texas Sheriff’s Office that disseminated the information. it was the Texas Department of Public Safety,” Grey said.

Grey said the original information was first released by the Texas DPS Joint Crime Information Center. The memo was eventually posted on social media and was shared hundreds of times.

“The Fort Sill special agent in charge made a decision out of an abundance of caution to notify a select group at Fort Sill of Army soldiers and leaders just to warn them about this and give them a warning about it. and once that was done then it was outside of law enforcement channels and it has gone from there,” Grey said.

Grey said the threat is still real, as far they know, however they do not have have a specific location at this point. He said the threat was found on the dark web but it did not specifically talk about the Army or Army theaters, but rather in general across the United States.

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