OKC man stranded in China after Coronavirus shuts down embassy credits News 4 with flight home


GUANGZHOU, CHINA (KFOR) — An Oklahoma man who was stuck in China amid the Coronavirus outbreak is finally heading home after someone with the American consulate allegedly saw News 4’s article. 

“With the Coronavirus going on, all the government agencies are shut down,” Eddie Evett, an OKC resident, told News 4 last Sunday.  

That was back when News 4 first spoke to Evett. 

“All these businesses are closed. A lot of these little places, shops. These people are losing a lot of money. They already don’t have any money as it is,” Evett said as he showed his Facebook followers an empty Chinese street in a video post. 

Evett was visiting the country with his wife, a Chinese native. The two took the trip to bring Evett’s stepson back to the U.S. to live with them. 

However, the Coronavirus shut down the American embassies, keeping them from figuring out an issue with his wife and son’s passports.

Now, just a week later, they are finally heading home. 

Evett posted about it on Facebook late last week, saying “just got a call from the American consulate they seen channel 4 news article” going on to say, “should be home next week.” 

“Facebook got out, saw the article on Channel 4 News. I said ‘yeah, I had my people sharing it and everything.’ He said ‘yeah,'” Evett told News 4 over the phone this Sunday. “He said there was a couple thousand people trying to get out, you’re one of my top priorities.” 

He said they’ll have to keep an eye on their health for a few weeks, but no quarantine. 

“They are wanting us to do a two-week check, check our temperatures and stuff, make sure no fevers or changes or anything like that, at home,” he said. “Thank you, Jessica. Thank you for everything you did for us.” 

Evett and his family flew from Beijing to L.A. Saturday and should arrive back in Oklahoma Sunday night.

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