OK “Unity Bill” to go into effect soon


Starting August 30th, the bill will ensure businesses respect the legalization of medical marijuana.

Employers cannot refuse to hire people solely for having marijuana in their system if they have an approved medical card.

Employers can conduct drug tests, but this would not apply to them.

This does not include jobs that are considered safety-sensitive. Examples of this include if you deal with machinery.

To determine methods best for the Unity Bill, a group of law enforcement, medical professionals, and those in the medical marijuana industry worked together to come to an agreement.

“It benefits all sides,” explained Oklahoma State Representative Josh West. “There are always going to be people on both sides that aren’t happy, but this was a compromise between all parties involved. and that’s where the legislation came out of it.”

West adds medical marijuana in the workforce was not addressed in the passing of the state question prompting these new changes.

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