OK bridge opens after nearly a year of construction


A major state highway that’s been closed for almost a year in Miami is now open.

Construction on State Highway 125 over the Neosho River bridge has had some delays from flooding this year, which resulted in repairs taking longer than anticipated.

The bridge opening means it will be easier for emergency vehicles to get from one side of the city to another. The bridge had been closed since last October, which caused many drivers to take alternative routes.

But now, commuters can travel from the north to the south side of Miami and into Fairland much easier.

One of the major improvement made is the super structure of the bridge’s deck.

“It’s a good day for everybody — the people of Miami, Crossland Construction,” explained Josh Thompson with Crossland Construction. “It’s been a tough job and we’ve fought a lot of adversity. But to get it open this afternoon is a good accomplishment.”

Thompson adds there is still minor work that needs to be done on the bridge, but he says it won’t affect the closing of it.

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