OHP trooper, driver nearly struck by lightning bolt


BRISTOW, Okla. (KFOR) — An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper and an Oklahoma City woman spoke to KFOR about a lightning strike that nearly hit them both on the Turner Turnpike last week. 

“The very first millisecond, I thought it was maybe an explosion, maybe a gunshot,” Trooper Matthew Krupczyk, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, told KFOR. 

However, Trooper Krupczyk faced another life threatening situation on Thursday on the Turner Turnpike in between Bristow and Stroud. 

His dash cam captured it all.

In the video, you see him standing next to a forklift that was blocking traffic, which is why he stopped, when a lighting bolt nearly hit him. 

“My feet went numb for probably about two hours after that. I was actually afraid that my feet fried and I couldn’t feel it because my nerve endings were shot from the ground current,” he said. “That’s when I took off my boots and I was hoping I wouldn’t see a black foot.”

In the video, an SUV is seen driving by right as the strike hits. 

“There was just this huge explosion,” Peggy Burris, who was behind the wheel of that SUV, said. 

Burris, just like Trooper Krupczyk, also thought she was hearing gunshots. 

“Then I looked down at my dashboard and everything was blinking and lights were going off and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got to get off this highway,’” Burris said. 

Trooper Krupczyk saw her pull over. 

“I ran up and checked on her and that’s when I realized the lightning hit the road and then arched over and hit her vehicle and fried it,” he said. 

Burris’ SUV had to be towed back to Oklahoma City, where she lives. 

Both Burris and Trooper Krupczyk told KFOR they feel lucky to be alive. 

“I was just so grateful I was able to pull off the highway without my car dying on the highway,” Burris said. “I am very blessed.”

Burris thinks the lightning strike fried the electrical system in her vehicle. She is still waiting to hear how much it will cost to repair the damage. 

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