Officials warn to be aware of financial aid scams


While some are getting ready to leave for college, others are getting ready to start their college career.  

Many students will need some type of financial aid to help pay for their secondary education.  Bethany Newsom in the MSSU Financial Aid Office warns students as well as their parents should be careful about giving out their personal information when applying for scholarships.

Newson says, “Whenever you’re doing a general Google search for financial aid or scholarships you want to be wary of anyone who tries to charge you for an application, that’s your number one don’t do it don’t pass go, it’s it’s probably a scam for your information general information or credit card information”  She says even she has to do her homework when it comes to putting scholarship information on the university website.  She adds scholarships through a students high school or college they ill attend are usually legitimate. 

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