Officer Lip Syncing in the Four States

A nationwide social media craze has made its way to the Four States.

The Galena Police Department unveiled their "Lip Sync Challenge" video today, with officers lip syncing to a song. It's part of a challenge going around Facebook, where one police department challenges another. At first some of the officers were a bit hesitant about the idea. But after a while, they became excited, and it kind of took on a life of its own.

"First thought was, I was a little bit nervous,” says Corky Hicks.

But officer Corky Hicks says the idea quickly grew on him.

"I was excited for it at the same time. It's a trend that I don't know how much longer is going to be going on, but we got ours done before, so, hopefully, I was kind of excited for us, hoping it would go well, and it looks like it did, so,” says Hicks.

But when Sergeant Blaine Cornelius, the star of the video, approached Chief Billy Charles, there was never any hesitation.

"I'm all for it. The more we can interact with the community the better,” says Chief Billy Charles.

Charles says taking part in the challenge gave the officers a chance to show the community a side of themselves they might not see every day.

"I believe it shows the community that we are people to. We like to get out and have a good time, you know, we're not always the straight leg disciplinary people that people think we are,” says Charles.

The video centers around Sergeant Cornelius, with appearances by other officers from Galena PD. It tells the story of two friends, one who chose the law, the other who chose a less respectable path. All set to "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.

Before it was published, Sergeant Cornelius even went so far as to promise this video would be the one by which all others would be judged.

So did he live up to the promise?

"I believe we did. Like I said, I watched the finished product, it's not just some cops sitting in a cop car, lip syncing to two or three different songs, it's actually got a storyline to it,” says Chief Billy Charles.

Now that the officers at Galena PD have their video done-

"Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, Baxter Springs Police Department, Columbus Police Department: We'll be watching you,” says Corky Hicks.

Rumor has it the Baxter Springs Police Department has accepted the challenge and is working towards a video of their own. Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves says his deputies are "kicking around a few ideas."

We haven't heard back from Chief Jason Daniels of the Columbus Police Department yet, but rumor has it they, too, will be accepting the challenge.

We’ve got links to the following departments: Galena Police Department, Pittsburg Police Department, Lamar Police Department.

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