Officer gives ticket to boy in toy car


He might be only a year old, but little Grayson Salerno has already had his first run in with the law.

“My sister in-law had bought him a new car and she wanted to give it to him for his birthday,” said Cori-Devan Salerno, Grayson’s mother.

Grayson’s mom says he was cruising around in his new ride, a red Mercedes, when a family friend, a Malden officer, stopped by.

“One of our friends happened to pop in, he was on duty, but he happened to drop in, he had been wanting to see Grayson,” said Salerno. 

That’s when Grayson was busted!

“I think it was my sister-in-law who said, this would be a cute picture,” said Salerno. 

Those pictures were quickly shared on Twitter where they have already racked up thousands of likes and shares. And while his mom says this was a cute family moment, she’s glad Grayson’s citation can make people laugh.

“I’m happy that so many people could just smile and get a kick out of it,” said Salerno. 

Grayson’s mom says despite the traffic ticket, she’s confident he will grow up to be a great driver.

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