ODOT looking at highway improvements in Ottawa and Delaware Counties


GROVE, Ok. — The Oklahoma Department of Transportation in partnership with The Federal Highway Administration is looking at making some improvements along a major highway in Ottawa and Delaware Counties.

Roy Morgan, Member of Foundation Free Will Baptist Church, said, “It gets congested in here and we’ve needed it for a long time.”

Morgan is one of many Grand Lake residents showing his support for a proposed roadway project.

Transportation officials are considering making improvements to the area of US-59 at the North end of Sailboat Bridge to the Northwest of State Highway 125.

Bill Keefer, Grove City Manager, said, “It’ll just provide a more consistent nicer looking attractive entrance into the community for aesthetic purposes.”

Some upgrades ODOT is considering include adding four 12 foot wide driving lanes and creating a 14 foot wide center left turn lane.

As well as constructing a 10 foot wide pedestrian and bicycle lanes near the curb alongside the roadway.

With these roadway improvements officials are hoping to prepare for the increase in traffic from about 12,000 to 21,000 vehicles by 2050.

But these proposed changes will affect several businesses and organizations.

Morgan adds a portion of the church parking lot could be taken away.

“But they buy it, so the money they buy our right of way issue goes into our church so you take a negative and make it a positive. That little bit of right of way is not going to hurt us,” said Morgan.

Before work can begin on the project ODOT has to complete their environmental studies evaluating the designs and construction work.

“It’s real exciting the community there’s a lot of activities going on a lot of homes begin built. We’re excited the state’s investing into those type of infrastructure projects,” said Keefer.

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