NWS tours flood damage in McDonald County



The National Weather Service tours damage in McDonald County Monday.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Steve Runnels joined McDonald County Emergency Manager Gregg Sweeten on a tour of the county. Sweeten says roads are still bad or washed out, while several homes and businesses were damaged. For the NWS, this allows meteorologists to go back and figure out just how bad the storm was.

“In this case, we want to take a look at what was damaged during the flood, see what we can learn from it, and improve our services next time.”

Steve Runnels, WCM NWS Springfield

“Now, what used to take 10 inches of rain, actually takes 4 inches of rain to come out of its banks, yeah, so it’s just like they’re constantly getting worse.”

Gregg Sweeten, McDonald Co. Emergency Manager

Sweeten says the county will apply for federal assistance from FEMA once all the damage assessments are completed.

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