Nurses celebrate graduation from Freeman Health System RN Residency Program


JOPLIN, Mo. — Southwest Missouri nurses are celebrating their graduation of a residency program — already working full time and preparing for patient care.

Freeman Health System held its second annual RN Residency Graduation Ceremony today.

Eight nurses completed the year-long program, which helps new hires transition into a professional role at Freeman.

The cohort meets once a month practicing clinical skills and conducting research, all while working full time at the hospital.

Today, graduates explained their research and looked back at their experience in the program.

Mali Vang, Medical Oncology RN, said, “First example, like the chest tube and stuff. Like sometimes we get it on the floor, but we’re not really used to taking care of a person with it. After, you know the residency class that we kind of learn about it, a little more confident.

Olivia Reeves, Cardiology RN, said, “With this, you’re like starting with all new nurses as well, so you kind of are all on the same page and going through the same thing and that really helps like get comfortable on your unit.”

At the end of the ceremony, a research group won the People’s Choice Award and all celebrated with classmates and refreshments.

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