Numerous Drunk Drivers Arrested in Joplin


From Joplin Police Department: “We always say that 1 impaired driver is too many.

So we have to ask, what is 7 impaired drivers, 3 crashes caused by impaired drivers, an assault with a vehicle driven by an impaired driver and a pursuit of an impaired driver?

Unfortunately it’s not a riddle, Instead it is what our depatment dealt with his weekend that was completely avoidable and should have never happened! When in doubt, get a sober driver.

-Saturday at 1:57am DWI Crash at 4436 43 Highway
-Saturday at 2:06am DWI Arrest at 7th and Virginia
-Saturday at 11:15pm two DWI Arrests at 8th and Chestnut (both were driving same vehicle at same location during a disturbance call)
-Sunday at 6:50pm DWI Arrest at 7th and Range Line
-Sunday at 8:36pm DWI Crash at I-44 3 mile marker
-Sunday at 10:31 DWI driver rammed another vehicle on purpose at 15th and Byers during a domestic disturbance
-Sunday at 10:59pm suspect vehicle located from the ramming, 20 minute pursuit of drunk driver from I-44 4mm to Ottawa County, Oklahoma, DWI Arrest Made”

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