Number of passengers using Joplin Regional Airport continues to grow


Joplin flights are staying busy as the number of passengers using the airport continues to grow.

More than 81,000 people either flew out or flew in to the Joplin Airport last year. That is a significant jump from the year before and continues a big trend.

The airport has increased traffic every year since 2013, when there were just 46,000 flying in and out. The Joplin Airport manager credits larger planes and additional flights as helping to drive the trend. But with the recent addition of Chicago flights, they’re keeping close tabs to see if that could impact existing flights to Texas.

“We all felt confident that it was not going to have any major affect on Dallas, we knew there were going to be some shuffling that went on in the first section.”

Steve Stockam, Joplin Airport Manager

American Eagle has been operating flights out of the Joplin Airport since 2011, when passenger counts jumped from 7,700 to 54,000 per year.

The summer is typically the busiest season for flights and you can definitely see the difference on site.

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