Now is the time to switch to solar energy


Now could be a good time to consider having solar energy units installed at your home.

Not only are solar panels more eco-friendly, but they can save you a lot of money. The cost of solar energy has decreased nearly 80 percent in recent years. The reason for this drop in cost is rather simple.

“It’s like anything. As it hits the mainstream, you know, solar is a disruptive technology. Electricity was very very expensive when it first started out. Solar as well. Solar has come down because the masses are moving to it. It makes sense,” says John Tullis.

As cheap as solar energy is, the panels are a good option for people with high electric bills.

“This fixes that cost, what your cost of electricity is. The panels are going to make, depending on the size of the system, they’re going to produce X amount of electricity so you don’t have that unknowing number that’s going to be costing you more to run your home,” says Tullis.

Tullis has seen different demographics for customers who decided to have solar panels installed.

“If it’s a family farm they want to make it sustainable and cost in check. You’ve got people for environmental reasons and they’re going there. Most of all, the math works. The math works,” says Tullis.

Some electric companies offer rebates to customers who decide to install solar panels. The Empire Electric District, for example, offers different deductions based on things like the date and number of units installed, a customer’s payment standing with the company, and how long a customer plans to keep the unit in place.

Anyone interested in learning more about solar energy can go to a seminar this Wednesday at 6pm at Home Pro’s building on 3271 North Main. There is also a link to the rebate policy Empire Electric uses for solar energy here.

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