Aerial view of downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. — A well-known magazine found on store shelves and in supermarket checkout lanes across the United States, has named a “resort in the Ozarks” as one of this year’s best southern towns.

The magazine and online publication, Southern Living listed Eureka Springs in Northwest Arkansas, as one of the “50 Best Small Towns In The South.” The publication placed this Ozarks destination at number 17, out of all 50 towns listed.

Southern Living had the following to say about Eureka Springs, and why the town was chosen as one of their “best.”

“Folks have been flocking to this resort town since the 19th century thanks to its namesake natural hot springs. The stunningly preserved Victorian architecture makes downtown a destination unto itself, and quirky shops selling everything from kaleidoscopes to quilts can entertain you for hours.”

Southern Living Editors

Eureka Springs Director of Tourism, Scott Bardin said it’s one thing to read about the town’s accolades, but to understand why they’re named “one of the best small towns in the south,” you would have to experience Eureka in person.

“We are a diverse city and we don’t judge people. I think that’s one of the biggest assets we have. When you come here, you’re going to be welcomed and you’re going to make friends unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been,” said Bardin.

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Earlier this month, Southern Living published an extensive online article, highlighting some of the best things to do in the “quirky, welcoming town of Eureka Springs.”

In 2022, Southern Living named Eureka Springs as one of the “Best Mountain Towns of the South.”

“I am always proud when others recognize what we have here in Eureka Springs. I believe with all my heart that when people recognize our community, they’re doing so because of the beauty of our landscape, our clean water that comes from natural springs, and of course the people who call this city their home,” stated Bardin.

One area of focus for city leaders is historic preservation. Bardin claims the uniqueness of Eureka Springs comes from the city’s focus on recognizing and celebrating their historic roots.

“Preserving our historic roots means a lot to our residents. We still meet in the square on Friday and Saturdays. We have music in the park with bands, and if we not doing that, we’re having a parade. There’s always something to do in Eureka, especially something that’s unique. It’s just a unique town. It’s a blessing to live here and it’s a wonderful experience for our visitors.”

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Here are some fun facts about the small Arkansas mountain town, listed by the Eureka Springs City Advertising and Promotion Commission:

  • Eureka Springs has more than 60 natural springs, the reason visitors first came in the
    19th century. More than a dozen of these springs have been restored and can be
    visited today.
  • Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs ranks as the fourth most significant American
    architectural structure behind the Sears Tower, the Empire State Building, and the
    Chrysler Building.
  • The only city in America whose entire historic downtown is listed on the National
    Register of Historic Places.
  • According to local folklore, Jesse James and his gang hid in the caves around Eureka