Northwest Arkansas Region Report released


NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA) — The eighth yearly State of the Northwest Arkansas Region Report was released Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The collaboration between the Center For Business and Economic Research at the Walton College of Business and the Northwest Arkansas Council hosted a luncheon in Lowell to discuss entrepreneurship in the region.

Center For Business and Economic Research Director Mervin Jebaraj outlined the economic highlights at the event and said businesses continue to thrive.

“The economy here in Northwest Arkansas continues to do well. There are more jobs being created, (and) people continue to move to Northwest Arkansas, but we want to maintain that growth going forward (and) make sure that it continues here in Northwest Arkansas. That’s why we’re investing in entrepreneurship,” Jebaraj said.

He said that the region could do better in helping new local businesses so that we can compete with cities like Austin, Texas.

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